Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sailing at I'le de Ré

Lundy 7 of july, the wind surprise us at Ile de Ré, the conditions were great and we spent the whole day changing spot, cause the tide was changing also..
First spot, Rivedoux Plage: the wind was a little side off, the waves perfect to have fun jumping or surfing.. we found some friends at the spot, it was good for three hours, then with the hide tide the waves were gone, so we moved.
We check with Adrian(My friend only 11 years old! but a potential good sailor) some other spots but it was hard to find a good one, wind really on shore or off shore, so we move to the end of the Island, the other side the spot call Diamond Head, we were surprise!
The waves were bigger and perfect, the wind side off a little too off but it was ok! We were straight to the water...
After the tide gets again too hide so went to the other side again to the island.. here it was windy and good for jumping!! Crazy day!! so happy!!