Monday, October 22, 2007

Butterfly Effect Brasil 2007

22 September 2007
Just Girls! Just Fun!

The Effect of the Hawaiian girl Tatiana Howard, BUTTERFLY EFFECT
“How just one can make a difference”, has make doing a meeting for water girls with the objective to go in a down wind action!! This time from Ponta Caiacanga to Ribeirao da Ilha in Florianopolis, Brazil.
I was part of it! And the Idea likes me very much… just fun!
Wind conditions: South wind (Starboard Tac / onshore wind) with flat water

Butterflies (girls):
Juliana Farias(Naish) (organizer) - Windsurf- Brazil
Tatiana Howard(Naish, Dakine, Kaenon, Matiko, Wings Hawaii) (organizer) Windsurf- Hawaii
Neo (organizer for Brazil) Windsurf- Brazil
Leysa Perotti(Naish- Soöruz) – Windsurf - Argentina
Celina- (photographe) Windsurf- Argentina
Anany Wilde- Kitesurf- Brazil
Renata Berreta - Kitesurf- Brazil
Monica Abreu- Kitesurf-Brazil
Mikaue- Kitesurf- Brazil
Ligia- - Windsurf- Brazil
Adriane Tartare- Kitesurf- Brazil
Fernanda from IKC-Ibiraquera Kitesurf Center- Kitesurf- Brazil
Emma Linden- windsurf- Sweden

Butterfly Angels (men):
Adrien Caradek- Jet ski Safety- Brazil
Bruno Varela- Jet ski Safety- Brazil
Eyal Shelef- Water Safety (Windsurf) – Israel
Christian- Organizer/ Photos- Brazil
Razerra- Water Safety (Kitesurf) - Brazil